Cold Sandwiches

Breakfast Buffet Catering Sheffield

Delicious freshly made sandwiches using our own bread. All fillings are prepared at the bakery.
GIVE US A CALL - Eckington: 01246 432311 / Swallownest: 01142 874999.

Roast ham & cheese£1.45£2.40
Beef Spread£1.25£2.20
Roasted chicken, bacon & mayonnaise£1.35£2.30
Roasted chicken & mayonnaise£1.25£2.20
Cajun chicken£1.35£2.30
Silverside of beef£1.40£2.40
Grated mature cheddar cheese, onion & mayonnaise£1.25£2.20
Tuna mayonnaise£1.35£2.30
Turkey saddle£1.25£2.20
Kemps slow roasted pork£1.25£2.20
Kemps slow roasted ham£1.25£1.90
Grated mature cheddar cheese£1.20£2.10
Egg mayonnaise£1.20£2.10
Salad sandwich£1.20£2.00
Pork dripping£0.70£1.05
Add additional filling to above sandwich£0.40£0.75
Add full salad to any of the above£0.30£0.60
Add single salad item£0.15£0.30
Salad box with any filling, coleslaw or beetroot£3.50

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