Hot Sandwiches

Breakfast Buffet Catering Sheffield

All our breakfast sandwiches are cooked while you wait and served on our own freshly baked bread... 'simply delicious'.
GIVE US A CALL - Eckington: 01246 432311 / Swallownest: 01142 874999.

Egg sandwich£2.00
Sausage sandwich£2.35
Bacon sandwich£2.35
Sausage & bacon sandwich£2.95
Bacon, egg, sausage & tomato sandwich£3.50
Bacon & egg£2.75
Sausage & egg£2.75
Bacon & tomato£2.75
Sausage & tomato£2.75
Bacon, egg & tomato£3.15
Sausage, egg & tomato£3.15
Bacon, sausage & egg£3.15
Bacon & mushroom£2.85
Sausage & egg£2.85
Sausage & fried onion£2.65
Egg, mushroom & tomato£2.80
Bacon & cheese£2.80
Add beans, mushrooms or cheese£0.50
Small bacon or sausage cob£1.250

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