Breakfast Buffet Catering Sheffield

Below is a sample of our products and prices. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Egg custards£0.70
Fruit pies£0.75
Apple crumble£0.75
Plain flapjack£0.50
Chocolate flapjack£0.60
Vanilla slice£1.10
Fresh cream scone£1.40
Viennese whirl£0.80
Carrot cake£0.80
Gingerbread man£0.50
Jam or lemon tart£0.40
Chocolate muffin£0.75
Blueberry muffin£0.75
Pack of 4 coconut tarts£1.40
Chocolate brownie£0.80
Various cupcakes£0.95
Large bakewell tart£2.15
Large coconut tart£2.05